In its first edition, the Palestinian-European Civil Society Forum (4-9 Nov, 2022) will hold three days of field visits throughout the West Bank (including Jerusalem) and the Palestinian community in Israel, to give the participants the chance to gain first-hand experience of the reality on the ground, and three days of plenary sessions, panel discussions, workshops and an NGO Fair, seeking to highlight both the urgent challenges Palestinian people face and the tools already being developed.

Despite a fauna of well-rooted civil society organisations both in Europe and Palestine, regular crackdowns by Israeli forces and increasing interferences from the Palestinian authorities, the space for civil society participation is shrinking rapidly. 

As the world evolves, realities on the ground change, and thus the responses have to develop accordingly. Nowadays, with all the shifts and changes that took place since the launch of the “Peace Process”, many civil society organizations, in Palestine and elsewhere, believe that they need to update their key advocacy guidelines and build a common voice in regards to Palestine.  

Through this Civil Society Forum on #Advocacy4Palestine, we aim to create a space for Palestinian and European civil society and human rights actors that work in Palestine and for Palestine to join forces and agree on new strategies and tools to address the current-day challenges that face the civil society engagement with Palestine, the Palestinian civil society and the Palestinian people at large.

A permanent civil society advocacy coordination mechanism will be set up, to facilitate the civil society cooperation and amplify the advocacy efforts in regards to Palestine, influence the international community to play their role in protecting human rights in Palestine, hold Israel accountable, push for reparative actions and prevent Israel from actively destroying all prospects of a just and peaceful resolution.

Join us in November for the first edition of the Palestinian-European Civil Society Forum!


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